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Cleaning Carpet in the House - Home Cleaning Service in Raleigh, NC
Remember, we tailor our Raleigh House Cleaning Services to your specific needs and budget by assigning a professionally trained maid/house cleaner to your home. All equipment and supplies are provided. Just enjoy your "cup of coffee" and allow us to service your home.
We don't offer gimmicks like “Periodic Deep Cleans” or “20 Some Step Super Duper Cleaning System” or “Pay By the Hour for What You Want”. With our service, you know exactly what fee you're being charged and exactly what you're getting for tour dollar.
We Do It! – Pure and Simple!
Our personal review with you determines what we do based on your requirements and then…
* All floors including hardwoods are hand washed and dried. * Mini-blinds are dusted or washed * Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized entirely, including soap film removal and mold control in grouting. * Kitchen areas including appliances, counters, and floors are cleaned and sanitized. * Vacuuming all carpeted areas as well as steps and upholstered furniture is routine. * Dusting of baseboards, window ledges, sills, ceiling fans and other wood surfaces are routinely cleaned.
Downtown Cary NC - Home Cleaning Service in Raleigh, NC

House Cleaning Service Cary/Apex and surrounding areas

Home is a place where you relax, unwind and enjoy your family and friends. However, when you are worried about the cleanliness of your house, it can take away from the stress-free environment that your home should provide.
If you work outside of the house, then coming home should not mean worrying about what needs to be cleaned. However, when the house is dirty that is often where your thoughts turn, taking away from the relaxing atmosphere that home is supposed to offer.
If you work from home or have kids to look after, then cleaning your home can make it feel more like a place of work than a home.
Balancing daily tasks with cleaning can be tiring. But having your house cleaned by someone else can help you to start to view your house as the relaxing place it should be.
Professional house cleaners are dedicated to making your home as clean and fresh as possible. Less things on your to-do list and time to enjoy the things you really want to do are huge benefits of hiring Class Act Maid Service as your house cleaning service.
Class Act Maid Service has been cleaning homes in Cary NC and the greater Triangle area for over 30 years.
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House Cleaning Service Wake Forest/ Youngsville and Rolesville

Welcome to the Area
House chores are a boring but necessary reality of everyday life. Many home owners feel that cleaning takes up too much time which could otherwise be used differently. This is why more and more people are relying on house cleaning companies, which bring with them an array of advantages when it comes to keeping your home clean.
The primary reason why one should opt for such a service is certainly time. Having someone take care of the cleaning means more time to do the things you love, or to attend other commitments such as work and children.
Moreover, your mind would be at rest since hired cleaners are trained professionals who know how to do the job efficiently and correctly with excellent results.
This brings us to another great benefit, namely that cleaners hired this way manage to achieve splendid results and leave your house spic and span. Everyone knows how to handle a mop and a bucket, but not everyone is skilled enough to get a thorough clean.
If you need more time in your life, consider hiring a House Cleaning Service like Class Act Maids.
They are a family owned company serving Wake Forest NC and the greater Triangle area for over 30 years. Call Them Today! 919-876-5253.